“I want to learn humility” he told me.
October 5, 2009, 7:08 pm
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What will you do ?

I’ll take the trip.


Yes, I’ve had it up to here with being in charge, and being the ‘lord of the manor’.

Ok, so what’s your plan ?

Ah… listen to this it’s abeauty ! I’m going to put all the arrogance I can find within myself and take it with me to the next incarnation. I’ll get myself born into a rich family, and I’m going to walk all over the servants, making them clean up after me, really showning them who is boss.

Then we are going to lose it all. I will have to do all the shit work I made the servants do. One of the servants, will be the one to give me a job and employ me – it’s the only way I’ll be able to feed myself and my family.

Ouch. Sure you can handle that ?

Yea sure.

Well you’ll have to get it past the incarnation board and the dispatching council you know.

I know, I’ll get it through. Speaking of that, I’ll need a rescue and stand be team in case the s*** really hits the fan. Can I ask you to be there for me ?

Yea, I’ll do it, remember you got me out a few times.

Aw..that was ok don’t mention it.You didn’t need much help, just a bit of a hand every now and then.

Yea, well, just don’t be too hard on yourself.   What’s your come back plan ?

If I get through it all, there is a chance I can get my whole family back to where we where before, and a bit more. But only if I really get the message, learn the lesson.

Hm… sounds like a good outline. Just don’t be too tough on yourself mate, you can take two lifetimes you, know, you don’t have to do it all in ONE. 🙂

ha ha ha … sounds like the next one will have to be about patience and knowing my limits…