Pre-departure information – Mme P’s lifetime dispatcher agency

Madame Pickwick’s predeparture briefs’.


‘Madame Pickwick’s predeparture briefs’. – please read before you make an appointment. Here is a reminder of what you should be ready for upon arrival. It is recommended that your review this handy little guide every few years after arrival.

1) Stuff ups and mistakes are NORMAL. That’s why you are going, to learn lessons. You’re going because there are skills you need to hone and perfect, that means they are not perfect now, that means you’ll screw up.

In fact for optimal learning you need to screw up quite a few times.

2) Will it hurt ? Yes, it’ll hurt. Sorry but that’s the reality.

Hint: don’t fear the hurt, the fear can be worse than the actual pain, – just deal with it as it comes, when and if it hits you.

3) To all our precious princes and princesses: you are going into the PHYSICAL. That means, dirt, sweat, blood, pain, tears, smells, – and also joy, hope, love, faith. I realize this is not the manner and style to which you are accustomed. – upon arrival you will have to get used to totally different conditions. It doesn’t matter which incarnation tour you’ve chosen – it will be a shock. Read the section “What to expect”, in your Lonely Planet “Incarnation to Earth” guide carefully.

And …. Possums please remember: you are going to less different plane of existence for a time:

Occasionally some incarnates have spent their entire time sulking that things were not up to the same standard as back home.

No things are not as they are back home, they are different. You might think of it as less developed.

There will be no mind melding, no mind joining.

Travel and transport is slow, dangerous, unreliable and expensive. It may take days to move physically from one point to another.

You will have to eat.

There will be NO flowing ether, no Universal awareness, messages home will get distorted…

Handy summary chart:

1) what you see is NOT what you get.

2) What you FEEL is  real, but everyone will try to get you to ignore it.

3) Mind is mind – feeling is feeling – truth is truth.

4) no refunds.

5) Physical life i: Physical life, make you you understand at least half of what that means 😛

6) Plan your incarnation carefully because: Emergency rescue once incarnate is messy, expensive, and does not always work. It is suggested you designate three key friends to be your rescue team contacts.

7) Expect the unexpected. The best laid plans of mice and men…..

8) …..and…. don’t take all this TOO seriously… remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure.


Disclaimer: This brochure gives only a limited selection of pointers and advice. Refer to your celestially approved pre-departure manual for full details.