the hero I am and the hero I wanted to be – conversations with MmeP
February 27, 2009, 2:43 am
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H: I never thought my life would turn out this way !

MmeP: how ?

H: I’m passionate about things I would have thought deadly boring only a few years ago.

MmeP: such as …. ?

H: I fight the City Water company because they expect my block of flats to pay for repairs to a water pipe that is actually their responsibility. The others and I fight for that, for commonsense and fairness. We fight the bureaucratic bullshit used to justify a legal loophole.

MmeP: I see you DO feel strongly about that.

H: If you had told me 10 years ago I would fight for such things I would have laughed at you. Now I’m in the middle of the battle.

MmeP: and what did you imagine ?

H: I imagined that I would save the world, not one water pipe at a time, not one block of flats at a time, that is far too boring and pedestrian…

I imagined I would do great and magnificent things, rescue damsels in distress, at the last second, inches before they hit the asphalt ! Or cure millions, or invent propulsion-less space flight, or ….. or … or …. .
They would show they gratitude and I’d walk off and say ‘oh it was nothing’ but secretly I would have wanted to large crowds to witness the whole scene and admire me for it.
I don’t what famous wit said something along the lines of: “There is nothing as sweet as a secret good deed accidentally revealed.” Very true, that way I get it both ways, the modesty and then my good is revealed without my doing it.

MmeP: I have also harboured thoughts such as these 🙂

H: I guess that is what’s called ‘maturity’- moving on from there.

MmeP: perhaps. But don’t forget there is more to life then fighting Water Companies, there really ARE great things to DO ! Perhaps not exactly as you described but who knows… !

One of the ladies entered at this point with a message for Madame and a fresh pot of tea. She read the note and poured some more tea, then turned back to the conversation.

MmeP: Don’t throw out your dreams too quickly my friend. There is something worth keeping, and I believe it is waiting for you after the Water Company battles.

It was time to meet the evenings clientele. Madame gathered her clothes and departed, accompanied by the swish of cloth and the smell of new tatami.